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Charlie Dimmock

pictures for all Charlie Dimmock fans - worldwide

Charlie Dimmock - Every male water gardener's inspiration! Charlie's pictures captured from the BBC garden makeover series - Ground Force. Thanks to Charlie, (with a bit of help from Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh and the rest of the Ground Force team!), gardening, especially water gardening and garden pond features have taken off in a big way in Britain. Charlie is possibly the world's only horticultural sex symbol, a role that bemuses her.

Thanks to site visitor Mike Child for regular updates about Charlie Dimmock. Mike was fortunate to meet Charlie last year and even had his photograph taken with her
Mike is a keen musician and, like Charlie, he is a keen horticuluralist.
He now has his own website where you can listen to his music tracks.

Scroll to see the small pictures below and click them for an enlarged view.

Picture of Charlie Dimmock and Alan Titchmarsh

Discussing a new garden layout for Ground Force

Charlie Dimmock - ready to start a new Ground Force gardening project

Charlie Dimmock dicusses the latest Ground Force garden

Photographs of Charlie Dimmock from the BBC Ground Force television programme. Inspiration for gardening, pond design, pond building and water features.  Picture from the Charlie Dimmock calendar

Pictures © BBC Ground Force series and Charlie Dimmock calendar 2000

More Charlie pictures
Glamorous Charlie

Close up photograph of Charlie Dimmock - water feature expert

Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh

Charlie Dimmock gets down to building a new water feature

Charlie Dimmock surveys the next Ground Force move


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