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More Charlie Dimmock pictures

for all Charlie Dimmock fans !

Captured from the BBC's Ground Force TV series

These Charlie Dimmock pages have received visitors from all over the world. Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock, Tommy Walsh and Ground Force's famous two day ' garden makeovers ' have truly achieved global status. If you have read the Ground Force News, you will know that Alan Titchmarsh has now recorded his last ever series of Ground Force, but Ground Force lives on. The first series without Alan was shown on BBC 1 on 27th January 2003, with a new member of the team Kirsty King. Kirsty already worked for the BBC, as the Associate Producer of Ground Force.

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Charlie taking a well earned rest from Ground Force

Pictures of Charlie at Gardeners' World Live 2001

© BBC Television - Ground Force series
Thanks Colin for sending the centre picture - © News of the World


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